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About Cavalier Ambulance
Cavalier Ambulance Service maintains 4 ambulances serving a population of roughly 3,800 and 590 square miles. Our main service area consists of the cities of Cavalier, Crystal, Hamilton, Hensel, Mountain, Neche and Cavalier Space Force Station. We provide ALS intercept services to surrounding Basic Life Support units, such as Walhalla, Pembina and Drayton Ambulance. Our service is also assisted by Crystal, Mountain, Neche and St Thomas Quick Response Units. We are dispatched, to respond to calls, by the Pembina County Law Enforcement Center. Cavalier Ambulance also provides patient transfer services for Pembina County Memorial Hospital to larger, specialty hospitals. In cooperation with the Cavalier Fire Department, Cavalier Ambulance has instituted a medic assist team, which is trained in CPR, EVOC and other training specific to Cavalier Ambulance. The team is dispatched when extra help is needed. 

​Cavalier Ambulance Service is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of President Lisa LeTexier, Vice President Matt Ford, Secretary-Treasurer Chelsey McFadden and seven board members.  Board meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in our board room.

Our new facility was built in 2009, which houses 4 garage bays for our ambulances, 2 sleeping quarters for out of town staff, a full kitchen, large training center, board room and our office areas.

Our fulltime staffing consists of 3 paramedics, Joanne, Jan and Missy; EMT, Janet; and our Office Manager, Chelsey. We also have 19 volunteer members consisting of RNEMTs, AEMT, EMTs and EMRs. We operate under the medical direction of Dr. Susan Thompson.   

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