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Come in and see our local training facility, where you can be trained, right here in Cavalier to be an EMR or EMT
Our Training Center
Jan Samson
Education and Training
Cavalier Ambulance Service is a state licensed training facility. Our training center is fully equipped with everything needed to train new EMRs and EMTs hands on, right here in Cavalier! 

Cavalier Ambulance also offers our members and other local EMS members further education and training every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. For more information on further education or to register, please call our office 

Hands on education, right here at Cavalier Ambulance
Cavalier Ambulance Paramedic and Pembina County EMS Education Coordinator
EMT and EMR Courses
Learn how to become an Emergency Medical Technician or Responder. Classes starting in November 2022. For more information about the programs go to the "EMS Courses" tab
Further Education
CPR Courses
Keep up your skills with continued education through PCEMS Education
Courses available here
CPR courses offered every 3rd Monday of each month at 6 pm
Receive first class EMS education right here in Cavalier!

Will you rise to the challenge?