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Volunteer Brochure
Our service is dependent on our volunteers. Did you know that over 80% of ambulance services are made up of volunteers?
Even though this position is referred to as "volunteer" our members are compensated for the time they give to our service. Please consider joining Cavalier Ambulance. For more information on becoming an EMT or EMR, click here. 
Cavalier Ambulance is always looking for committed people willing to join our service and help serve the members of our community.  
(Click on the image to view our brochures and application)
Paramedic Brochure
Cavalier Ambulance Service is looking to hire a Paramedic. If interested, please check out our brochure and contact us for further information. 
If interested in employment with Cavalier Ambulance Service, please complete this application and email here
Contact Us
For more information, please
Or call 701-265-8259

"Cavalier Ambulance is a great group to work with! It is also very rewarding when you are helping the people in the community and the ones you know!"
         ~ Claudia, EMT